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Uruguayan company that was founded in 1991 as a professional association of technicians and accountants to provide advice in these areas.
Thus, the main performance until the year 2000 is the analysis, design, implementation and execution of computer systems. Alternatively, have developed computer audit projects on specific clients.
From 2000 to 2001 we focus on research in wireless networks of local and metropolitan and incorporated in later relevant advice, designing and implementing solutions that integrate different technologies.
From the year 2004 we made an alliance with Superior Communications Company, located in Houston, which rotates in the field of electronics and telecommunications.
It is based on the integration of human and technological resources with the aim of providing Internet solutions for "hosting" and "housing" of sites and servers deployed for specific services, such as web servers, email, applications , etc.
Currently the main datacenter is located in the city of Houston having two additional data centers in Uruguay in order to be able to implement very robust contingency.
The mission of this partnership is to achieve quality and customized solutions with an appropriate value to the reality of each company.
We have major clients in Uruguay and the U.S. those served by the staff of this alliance as if they were in the same place.
The entirety of each solution is implemented and solved with its own technological resources, which sets us apart from other offerings because it does not rely on outsourced services.

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2825 Wilcrest, suite 111, Houston, Texas, USA - (1)(713) 7836063

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